The Purdue University independent daily student newspaper, The Exponent, has a featured article about Heffter’s President and co-founder Dr. David Nichols.

AP photo

by Reed Sellers

“A former Purdue professor is making major headway in a revolutionary method of treatment for psychiatric disorders by facilitating controlled psychedelic trips.

“Adjunct professor at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and former Purdue distinguished professor, David Nichols, has been conducting research on psychedelics since 1974, when he came to Purdue as an assistant professor. Nichols said he was interested in why, of all the life-changing events people experience, a drug can be one of them.

“‘The thing that was interesting to me was how these things produce such profound effects on the brain,’ Nichols said. ‘You fall in love or you get married, have a child, maybe a parent or sibling dies, these kinds of things. Or you could take some LSD and your life may be permanently changed after that.’”

Link to full article | Purdue Exponent