Heffter co-founder David Nichols has an “Editors Pick” article on reset.me, a new web site devoted to journalism on psychedelics and related topics. In “When Will Medicinal ‘Magic Mushrooms’ Be Legalized?” Dr. Nichols gives an overview of Heffter-sponsored research using psilocybin to treat addiction, anxiety, and other disorders. He also describes the three-phase research process that Heffter is undertaking with the goal of making psilocybin a legal medication.

“Many people have now seen media stories about the renewed research interest in psychedelics as medicines, often called a renaissance in psychedelic research, over perhaps the past five years or so. Although many psychedelic substances have been used safely as medicines in indigenous cultures for millennia, we are now seeing renewed interest in these substances in Western cultures. As a co-founder of the Heffter Research Institute, I have watched with an increasing sense of both amazement and gratitude that we have been able to accomplish so much in such a relatively short time. We are on the path to make psilocybin into a prescription medicine! The Heffter Institute has been a key driver of this renaissance, utilizing most of the donations we receive directly to support clinical research.”

When Will Medicinal “Magic Mushrooms” Be Legalized? | reset.me