An article on the news site Vox features an in-depth interview with Heffter board member Dr. Charles Grob. “The Case for Medical LSD, Mushrooms, and Ecstasy,” by German Lopez, surveys the history and current status of psychedelic research. Dr. Grob discusses the potential of psychedelic treatment for end-of-life anxiety in cancer patients and chronic alcoholism with an emphasis on patient safety.

“When you’re talking about psychiatry, the medications we use that I prescribe all the time usually have to be utilized on a daily basis for weeks, for months, sometimes for years,” Grob says. “When you’re talking about a hallucinogen treatment model, the drug itself might only need to be applied on one occasion or perhaps a couple of occasions spread out by many weeks or many months” all within the context of ongoing psychotherapy.”

The Case for Medical LSD, Mushrooms, and Ecstasy | Vox